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Pain Control

The Georgia Anesthesiologists Acute Pain Service is a team composed of ten anesthesiologists and two block nurses, who all have specialized training in regional anesthesia (nerve blocks and spinal/epidural blocks). Nerve blocks utilize local anesthetics (numbing medicine) to directly target the source of your pain, providing superior pain control with minimal side effects. Georgia Anesthesiologists employs the latest in ultrasound technology to perform these blocks safely and effectively.

We perform a range of different nerve blocks. Since every patient and every surgery is different, ask your surgeon and anesthesiologist which block is best for you.

In addition to nerve blocks, we utilize a multimodal approach to control your pain before, during, and after your surgery. This means that several different types of pain medicines are used in combination. Because these drugs work by different mechanisms, we are able to use less of any one drug- and less of the stronger opioid pain medicines- therefore limiting unpleasant side effects.

These medicines also work synergistically, thereby enhancing your overall pain control.

Georgia Anesthesiologists is committed to making your operation as comfortable as possible, and to get you out of bed and out of the hospital quicker.